Could a Bean to Cup Machine be the Answer to Coffee Consistency?

There are many factors that affect the taste of our coffee from the type of bean and where it’s grown to how it’s processed and roasted. However more often than not when we receive a not-so-great tasting coffee it’s much more to do with the freshness or how it’s been made.

To retain freshness, coffee beans need to be stored correctly in a vacuum-sealed or airtight container. Grinding beans just before brewing will also preserve freshness.

Brewing methods are another area where flavour can be compromised. Coffee to water radio, and size of the grind which in turn will impact the speed of extraction all impact taste. If extraction is too fast your coffee will taste acidic, too slow and it can result in a bitter taste. To hit the sweet spot, timing is everything so making sure you’ve got the correct grind size is imperative.

Maintaining your coffee equipment and cleaning it regularly is also an essential element to great tasting coffee.

Could a bean to cup machine be the answer? If you’re wanting to ensure consistency of coffee quality, look no further than a WMF 5000S+. It’s technology permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso-based coffees. The brewing flow is continually monitored, making automatic adjustments as necessary to ensure consistently great coffee. Auto steam allows  perfect hot milk and foam, ability to adapt milk foam density for each individual coffee and produces 3 types of milk foam automatically. The addition of an optional steam wand allows for a barista’s touch.

The WMF 5000S+ also allows for effortless cleaning, with a user-friendly clean-in-place system. On screen instructions will guide the user through a few simple steps, and the machine will automatically clean and rinse itself with hot water and steam after dispensing water into a box containing a cleaning tablet.

So, with cleaning sorted and the lottery of an imperfect brew eliminated, the WMF 5000S+ will put  you in prime position to offer your customers great tasting coffee time after time.  An airtight coffee canister like this one from Espresso Warehouse will keep your beans fresh so all you need to worry about is making sure you don’t run out of beans!

To find out more about the WMF 5000S+ or any of our other WMF models, or to organise a demo, get in touch with a member of our team by emailing

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