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The reliable option if you want to offer your customers the perfect cup of coffee every time. Extensive training and technical expertise are not required. This easy to use automated machine performs the trickier parts of the process, meaning your customers will receive consistency high quality coffee to the standard of an experienced barista every time. Once you discover this machine, you will never look back.


Part automation means it’s easy to use.

Perfect for venues with average daily requirement of 300 cups of coffee


  • Look and feel of a traditional espresso machine
  • 2 x Integrated grinders
  • Automatic tamping
  • Air-cooled bean hoppers
  • Choice of automatic or traditional milk foam preparation
  • Optional second auto steam wand
  • 3 x Portafilters, automatically selected for you
  • Heatable Cup storage
  • Dual height adjustable cup trays
  • Parallel coffee and hot water preparation
  • Smart technology to measure quality and ensure consistency

Bean to Cup Machines

WMF 1100 S

WMF 1100s

Reliable performance, and a long working life are guaranteed, together with ease or use and ease of cleaning making the 1100S the perfect coffee solution for your office, showroom or workplace. At the touch of a finger, your staff or guests will be able to choose  from a variety of delicious  premium coffee and hot chocolate beverages. Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 80 cups.

WMF 1500 S

WMF 1500s+

This machine is suited to small to medium sized coffee enterprises, it offers high quality performance whilst satisfying your customers’ desire for variety.  Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 180 cups.

WMF 5000 S+

WMF 5000s+

Ideal if your business wants to serve a wide range of coffee specialities quickly but always to a consistently high standard. The perfect choice for busy restaurants and cafes with an average daily consumption of 250 cups.

WMF 9000 S+

WMF 9000s+

Designed with coffee enthusiasts in mind, the 9000S+ serves up gourmet coffee specialities. Top of the range performance coupled with rapid service is guaranteed. The 9000S+ comes equipped with up to 4 hoppers and grinders together with a manual insert giving you the option to blend the beans to your own recipe. Alternatively, you have the option to dedicate a hopper to chocolate powder to extend your range of hot beverages on offer. Fitted with a dynamic milk system, the 9000S+  automatically dispensing different consistencies of hot and cold milk foam depending on the chosen beverage. An increasingly popular solution allowing you to offer gourmet coffee on the go, this machine is an excellent investment, particularly suited to retail or forecourts.