Digitalisation and networking are playing an increasingly important role in the professional coffee machine sector. Step forward, CoffeeConnect. As an integrated database for all product and process data, WMF CoffeeConnect lays the foundation for sustainable business models allowing you to view sales figures, service information and error messages at any time and from any location.

Main Features


  • Ability to see business performance data
  • Access to maintenance and operational data

Machine Management

  • Centralised machine and user management
  • Two-way communication


  • Standard reports
  • Tailor-made analytics

Data Provisioning

  • Providing system interfaces
  • Customer specific implementation projects

Additional Tools

  • Media Pool

Key Benefits

  • Understand your customers’ preferences and adapt your portfolio accordingly.
  • Improve efficiency by always knowing your machines’ status and condition.
  • Increase uptime and revenue by receiving rapid notification of downtime.
  • Ensure HACCP-compliant operation and consistent product quality.
  • Improve sales by remotely managing advertising or special offers.
  • Save time and costs using bi-directional communication and remote control.
  • Access near real-time data via web browser application.
  • Central access to all WMF CoffeeConnect features and tools.
  • State-of-the-art security infrastructure.Download a WMF CoffeeConnect brochure here.


Full details on WMF CoffeeConnect can be found here.