Extract coffee proudly supports Fairtrade

Our Extract Coffee Beans are sourced solely from Fairtrade cooperatives which means that our coffee growers, their families and communities are able to benefit from projects funded by the Fairtrade premium. Below are a number of projects which have benefited the members of the KSU Permata Gavo Cooperative in Indonesia.

Women’s empowerment programs for female headed households

Supporting women to become qualified in financial management. and running a microcredit scheme to provide small loans  to help women start businesses to supplement the income coming from coffee.

Women’s health

Funds were used to equip medical centres with instruments and supplies for mums and babies.


Permata Gayo have a food program which provides staple foods to members outside of the harvest season when there is no coffee income. Women are also provided with kitchen tools through the Fairtrade Premium. Children are supported through the Premium’s investment into local football competitions and learning more about their cultural arts heritage.

Quality and productivity

Investment in agricultural tools. The cooperative has provided one portable weeding kit per village with machetes, shovels, saws and weed cutting machines to  keep coffee farms  free from diseases and pests without the use of chemicals. Permata Gayo has reduced the use of chemical herbicides by 95 percent with this technology. They have also invested  in quality by maintaining a cupping laboratory and staff, improving processing facility, and training cooperative members. More than 200 people have been trained in cupping since 2010.


Investment in environmental education and training on local issues. The area’s volcanic soil can be very productive, but over-farming and pollution is causing erosion. Permata Gayo run trainings in soil conservation, organic composting and safe disposal of waste. Use of chemicals has decreased by 90% following the distribution of grass cutters to members. There is also composting facilities and a tree nursery of more than 100,000 seedlings each year for members.