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Krogab Hydration Juices

Our Krogab Hydration juices come complete with  glass dispensing jars and the option of a serving station. Our hydration drinks combine a blend of the finest fruits with natural water together with added vitamins and nutrients to promote health and enhance  natural well being

Krogab hydration drinks come in convenient 250ml eco clean sachets which are easy to mix and don’t require any measuring. Each 250ml sachet makes 5 litres of hydration juice.

The hydration juices are allergen free are come in a range of delicious flavours each with a different blend of vitamins and nutrients offering a range of health benefits.




Our Flavours

  • Apple, blackcurrant & aqua with added vitamins to keep you hydrated and help you to maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • Green tea, lemon & lime with added vitamins B, C  & D to maintain health.
  • Pineapple with added vitamins to keep the mind healthy.
  • Elderflower with added zinc helping to keep the immune system healthy.
  • Peach, black tea (Halal) with added vitamins to aid healthy bones & joints.
  • Cherimoya & lime energy drink to keep you refreshed and alleviate tiredness.
  • Mango, lime & aqua with added vitamins to keep you hydrated and encourage relaxation.



Krogab bag in box technology

krogab juice dispenser

Krogab Compac Professional Juice Dispensers

With a lightweight and compact design, the range of Krogab Compac juice dispensers are ideal for front of house locations where you need a juice unit which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

With an illuminated front option, The Compac range can be used anywhere but prove popular in hotel breakfast rooms and  motorway service stations where they are used on counter tops.

The Krogab Compac range comes in a 2 product and 3 product option with an additional button to dispense chilled water.

As easy to clean option, the Krogab Compac works with the Krogab Bag in Box technology, providing blended high grade juices.

Krogab Maxi Professional Juice Dispensers

The Krogab Maxi range of juice dispensers are powerful, modern and user friendly. The Krogab Maxi range also works with the Bag in Box technology. Kind to the environment and with a high capacity, the Krogab Maxi will reduce wastage and save time providing  a cost effective back of house operation .

Dispensing 1 litre of juice in less than 16 seconds thanks to the internal water booster, the Krogab Maxi range is particularly popular with hotels and other organisations with high volume juice requirements.

There are 3 dispensers in the Maxi range offering 2, 3 or 4 product offerings as well as dispensing chilled water.

Illuminated displays are perfect for customisation.