Smokin Bean

Good Coffee that does good. Smokin’ Bean is our fairtrade, organic, rainforest alliance certified ‘coffee to go’ offering. Our coffee is a blend of the highest quality Arabica beans sourced solely through Fairtrade certified cooperatives based in Mexico and Peru.

Our beans are roasted at Matthew Algie, the first roastery in the world to achieve the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard. Smokin’ Bean is served in vegware cups – made from plants, not plastic, using renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and can be composted with food waste. Vegware holds the most extensive  compostability certification of any UK packaging supplier.

But our Smokin’ Bean coffee doesn’t just do good, it tastes good as well with hints of caramelised sugar and notes of vanilla and citrus.

Our ‘coffee to go’ solution is profit share. To find out how much profit a Smokin’ Bean Coffee destination could generate for your business get in touch